Liturgical Year

Advent Purple Ceremonial lighting of the Advent wreath candles. Incense is used until Ordinary time. No flowers during advent.
First Sunday in Advent Purple Mary & Joseph begin Posada.Christingle service in the afternoon at 17.30
Advent 3 Purple Toy Sunday.Gifts of new wrapped presents invited.
Advent 3 or 4 depending on proximity to Christmas Day Purple Service of Lessons and Carols at 17.30.Christmas Tree erected and decorated prior to service. Candles at service and Church completely lit by tea lights.
Christmas Eve afternoon White / Gold Children’s blessings of the Crib at 16.30. Includes arrival of Mary and Joseph at completion of the Posada, blessing of the tree and crib. Holy Water and incense.
Christmas Eve White / Gold Midnight Mass 23.30Church completely lit by tea lights.
Christmas Morning White / Gold Children invited to bring an unopened present.
Sunday after ChristmasHoly Family White / Gold
Sunday between 2nd and 8th January, Epiphany. White / Gold
Sunday after 6th January (unless pre-empted by Epiphany)The Baptism of the Lord White / Gold
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, except as below. Green No incense until Ash Wednesday.
Sunday nearest to 2nd February Candlemas. White People’s Candles are blessedRenewal of baptismal vows and sprinkling
Sundays in Ordinary time resume Green
Ash Wednesday- Principal service to be am with school involvement. Said pm Mass. Purple Incense until Ordinary time starts.Blessing and imposition of Ashes.

No flowers.

All Fridays in Lent. Prepare and fill-out the Stations with a themed approach. JH / DS to combine in leading? Purple 19.45 Stations of the Cross
Lent 1,2,3. Purple Penitential rite with lighting of candles throughout Lent.
Lent 4 Purple Mothering SundayDistribution of flowers
Lent 5 Purple
Palm Sunday Red Meet in school.Palms distributed and blessed with holy water.

Silent procession to church

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Holy Week Purple Additional Mass at 19.45
Maundy Thursday – Watch until 22.00 White 19.45 Mass of the Lord’s Supper.Procession to the Altar of repose.

Stripping of the Altar

Watch before the Sacrament

Good Friday – Combine afternoon liturgy with evening Stations for 19.00 Red 10.30 Children’s’ Stations14.00 Liturgy- reading on, Veneration of the Cross,Mass from the pre-sanctified species (in one kind)

19.45 Stations of the Cross with singing of Stabat Mater “at the Cross her Station Keeping”

Easter Vigil White / Gold 21.00 The Easter Vigil.Lighting of the new fire, blessing of the Paschal candle, lighting if congregational candles, procession into church.

Exultet, renewal of baptismal vows, readings, Mass.

Easter Day White / Gold 10.00 Renewal of baptismal vows during mass
Sundays within Eastertide White / Gold
Ascension Day White / Gold To be moved to 6th Sunday after Easter.
Pentecost Red
Corpus Christi White / Gold Sunday after PentecostSacrament exposed in the monstrance.

Benediction replaces normal blessing

Trinity Sunday White / Gold Trinity Icon carried in procession
Sundays in Ordinary time(except as below) Green No incense
Assumption of BVM White Nearest Sunday to 15th August  a
All Saints White Nearest Sunday to November 1st
All Souls  – an element of the Bereavement ministry? Purple November 2nd at 19.45
Remembrance Sunday Green Procession to outside cross.Laying of wreath and 2 minutes silence follows 10.00 mass.
Christ the King (last Sunday in Ordinary time) White